Lodmoor Country Park Walk

Discover this 3.8km loop trail in Lodmoor Country Park. Generally considered an easy to walk route, it takes an average of 1 h 38 min to complete. This trail is great for hiking, running and walking with the opportunity for children to undertake the Tree Trail or Orienteering course.


Distance: 3.8km (2.4miles)

Average Time: 56mins (time may vary depending on pace)

Gradient: Gentle

Starting Point: Weymouth Park & Ride (which is free)

Public Transport:

Parking: Weymouth Park & Ride and Lodmoor Country Park

Accessibility: Most of the walk is accessible to people of all abilities, including wheelchair users.  The route is also cyclable although at certain times of the year it will be more difficult.


  • A small railway cabin style outdoor cafe provides refreshments for visitors to the park on the events area.
  • The Lodmoor pub has a large restaurant but also caters for passing lunchtime trade.
  • Picnic tables and barbecue bins available for the public to use throughout the year.
  • Public and disabled toilet facilities open 24 hours a day all year round are available to visitors.
  • The park is wheelchair accessible and level but with informal gravel pathways.
  • A grassed area is available for a variety of events including car rallies, summer fayres, circus shows or private parties. If you’d like to host an event at Lodmoor, please email: parks@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Point 1

From the Weymouth Park & Ride, walk towards the roundabout, then take the path to your left before you reach the roundabout.


At the slight fork bear left and you should see the metal sculpture call the Torpedosaurs designed and created by Andy Kirkby. Continue until you reach the Rugby Club.

Point 2

At this point you can stop for something to drink or eat or continue along the path.


As you continue around the rugby club you will come to an opening keep on the path diagonally ahead of you.

Point 3

When you reach the path which is bordered by wooden posts turn left and cross the bridge you have two options to take, if wishing to undertake our Tree Trail or Orienteering Course (map) then take the right hand path. 


Alternatively as circular route you can take the left hand path but be aware this is gravel and prone to flooding in wetter weather.

Point 4

If taking the right hand side path you will come across the green gym equipment which you are welcome to try otherwise continue to the play area.

Point 5

Once you pass the play area and if you have children they can have a play whilst you take a rest but this is where the Tree Trail and Orienteering Course (map) begin where you can discover all the fantastic trees and wildlife around the park. Otherwise just continue along the path which will bring you onto the car park areas so please ensure children are supervised.

Point 6

Continue along the path which become gravel and is also a car park so please ensure children are supervised. When you reach the directional sign you have the option to either take the right-hand lane which will take you towards the Sea Life Centre, Sandworld, Leisure Ranch and Pirate Adventure Mini Golf. Otherwise take the left-hand path to continue the route.

Point 7

The path circles the field which is often lined with daffodils in the summer. The field is used for community events or the circus. As you come to the first junction you have the option to continue around the field, but you will need to retrace your steps as it ends at the Miniature Railway.


Otherwise just take the path to your left which will circle the Pitch & Putt. This then brings you back to point 3 where you just retrace your steps to the P&R.

Point 8

Once you have circled the golf putting course you will reach the entrance to the Park again, just retrace your steps back to the park and ride.