Willow Walk

This walk takes you through two of the Town Council parks, along a section of the Esplanade and there are plenty of opportunities to sit down and enjoy the scenery. The journey ends with a peaceful stroll back to the Park & Ride, marking a perfect wrap to this charming exploration of Weymouth's urban landscape. A famous landmark you will pass is the Kings Statue. It's made of Coade stone, a form of ceramic, and is not a solid carved statue. It was painted a dull bronze colour when unveiled in 1810, until 1949 when today's bright colours were first used.


Distance: 7.30km (4.5miles)

Average Time: 1hr 52mins (time may vary depending on pace)

Gradient: Gentle flat walk but small incline at points

Starting Point: Weymouth Park & Ride

Public Transport: N/A

Parking: Free parking at Weymouth Park & Ride operated by Dorset Council.

Accessibility: All of this route is accessible by wheelchair although there are gravel paths at certain stages which could be wet during the wetter months. There is tar-mac which eventually leads to a gravel pathway.

Cycle: Most of the route is open to cyclist although there is a ban on the Promenade where no cycling is allowed between 10am-5:30pm (1st May to 30th September).

Please note no cycling is allowed in any of the gardens except the Lodmoor Country Path unless going through the Nature Reserve where no cycling is allowed.

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Eating: There will be many points along the route where you can access a variety of eateries offering a light lunch to a full meal, many offering local delicacies. 

Toilets: There are a number of public toilets positioned along the route and most open all year round. To view opening times and accessible toilets visit Toilets - Weymouth Town Council | Weymouth Town Council 

Point 1

From the Weymouth Park & Ride, walk towards the roundabout, then take the path to your left before you reach the roundabout.

At the slight fork bear left and you should see the metal sculpture call the Torpedosaurs designed and created by Andy Kirkby. Continue until you reach the Weymouth Rugby Club.

Point 2

At this point you can stop for something to eat or drink, otherwise continue along the path.


As you continue around the rugby club you will come to an opening, keep on the path diagonally ahead of you.

Point 3

When you reach the path which is bordered by wooden posts turn left and cross the bridge keep to the right-hand side path which will take you past the Green Gym equipment where you can give them a try. Children can also take on the Tree Trail/Orienteering course which starts later on in the park.

Point 4

Continue along the tarmac path, there is the option to stop at the play park if you have children to let them have a play. 

Once you pass the play area this is where the Tree Trail/Orienteering course (map) where you can discover all the fantastic trees and wildlife around the park. Otherwise just continue along the path which will bring you onto the car park areas so please ensure children are supervised.

Point 5

When you reach the end of the path take the route to your left which will take you past a variety of activities for children such as Sea Life Centre, Sandworld, Leisure Ranch and Pirate Adventure Mini Golf.

Continue until you reach the traffic lights. There are toilets available adjacent to the entrance to the Sealife Centre.

Point 6

Cross the traffic lights and continue until the chalets at which point there is signage for the Jurassic Rocks Café which is above the chalets and where the toilets are.  There is also a second café – Seascape Cape at the entrance to the gardens. Greenhill Gardens has a unique floral clock, other historic features and is a Green Flag award winning gardens.

Point 7

Just after the chalets there are the stone steps which will take you into Greenhill Gardens where there is a unique floral clock with other historic features within this Greenflag award winning gardens. There is an entrance further along the Promenade for wheelchair users. You could try your luck at the Pitt and Putt or stop at the Café a bite to eat or just enjoy an ice cream.

Continue along the Promenade until you reach the Jubilee Clock which is an iconic landmark for Weymouth.  It was build and erected in 1888 to commemorate the 1887 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria and became Grade II listed in 1974.



Point 8

As you exit the Gardens continue along the Promenade until you approach the Jubilee Clock. Cross at the traffic lights, turn left then right down Kings Street. As you approach the Jubilee Clock you will pass The Royal Hotel. The original hotel was built in c1772 and was known first as Stacie’s Hotel and later became the Royal Hotel. It would eventually be filled with today’s terraces. 

Continue past the train station and the petrol garage and when you reach KFC continue around the bend staying on the right-hand side of the road.

Point 9

Continue along the road keeping the retail park on your right until you reach the entrance to the Radipole Park Gardens. Take a stroll through the relaxing gardens until you reach the tennis courts. Please be careful when crossing the road.

As work is being done to improve the rest of the gardens and park you will need to turn left and cross the road onto the dual pathway – please note it is a busy road so take car when crossing – which runs alongside the RSPB Nature Reserve.

Point 10

Just before you reach the bend in the road you will see a notice saying ‘Welcome to Radipole Park & Gardens’ – cross over the road and take the path which will bring you out onto Coronation Crescent.


Continue along Coronation Crescent until you reach Kings Road, turn up Kings Road until you come to Spa Road,  cross at the traffic island and turn right.

Point 11

Once you reach the junction with Dorchester Road, cross at the traffic lights and turn right.


Continue for a couple of metres and turn left into Monmouth Avenue which will bring you back to the Rugby Club. The retrace your steps to the Park & Ride.